The New Wave

The New Wave

T H E  N E W  W A V E  is a collection inspired by and made for women that live by the sun and socialise on the sand...

Educated, liberated and seaside.

Saint Helena - The New Wave

The range explores a warm nostalgia of a european beachside weekend with wide leg pants and wrap bandeaus, oversize shirts and comfort smocks. Curved bikinis (coming in October) and pop slides cleverly clash with classic après swim made from the finest linen.

We celebrate an era that enlists self education and relaxes with flamboyant beach reads and new age articles about retrospective French films, sexy innuendos and casual surfing.

Saint Helena

This nostalgia brought forward with a cherry twist of 70's Sundance mixed with 90's Barrymore that frames the strengthening style of the beach mom...

Unmistakable and not to be compromised.

Saint Helena Caspera Jumpsuit

Welcome to the latest Spring collection from Saint Helena.

T H E  N E W  W A V E

Available online and only in premium retailers across Australia and New Zealand.


Photography - Francisco Tavoni

Model - Javiera @ Que

H & M - Luciana Rose

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