A Woman's Film

A Woman's Film

As a lover of film, I was recently searching for some artistic women's surf films for some inspiration -  I really feel there just aren't enough of these in my world particularly through the winter months, I need a little extra inspo to brave the cold and get amongst it.

So often we experience ground breaking moments both mentally and physically in the ocean and I think there's a lot to be said for sharing these with our comrades via film.  I just can't fathom our wonderful surfing community dwindling in the wings of one dimensional marketing campaigns that don't have any depth or maturity. Surfing and the ocean experience goes far beyond a coming of age story and ladies we need to inspire each other across all walks of life and artfully so!

 I came across the NY Women's Surf Festival as well as this little treat from a few years ago... (see below). Both the festival and the film are well worth the look see and make sure you do it in your spare time so you can take it all in and enjoy the space these film makers have created for you!


I really hope to have the opportunity to share with you one that I've been dreaming up for many a year in the conceivable future 💫 If you would like to share yours via our blog, I would absolutely love to hear from you - shannon@thesainthelena.com

Shan x

Founder - Saint Helena 


'Women Who Run With the Tides' A Film by Michelle Shearer from Steve Shearer on Vimeo.


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