Current Heroine

Current Heroine


We've been chatting a lot with Ming lately about the new wave in women's surfing, beach, lifestyle. It's really taking a new turn and  we've been sparking ideas on how we can celebrate our shared love of all of things the sea...

Safe to say we're totally mused by Ming as she's truly paving her own beautiful tropical path. It's all the rage these days - and we want to share a little of her story and get to know the elusive Ming Nomchong.

(Side note - we were at her studio a couple weeks ago and the Postman wouldn't hand over her delivery until he got to see Ms Nomchong in person - she's a big deal round here!)


What was it that lead you to a career in photography ?

It's all I've really ever been interested in. I'm not very good at doing something I'm not into... so getting into the photographic industry was a pretty natural progression for me.


Ming Nomchong

 What was your big break?
There have been lots of little breaks that have lead me to where I am today. A few highlights would be my first assisting gig, my first call from the big surf brands to shoot and  getting a call from a photography producer who placed me on my first commercial gig.


Ming Nomchong

Daily mantra?

This too shall pass


Ming Nomchong


Favourite Camera?

At the moment a little point and shoot underwater camera I found at Lismore car boot sale for $10. It takes such great images in the surf. I'm frothing on it. 


Ming Nomchong


Best location you’ve shot?

The Seychelles for sure. It's divinely beautiful.


Ming Nomchong


Your latest creative endeavour?

A little Coastal Concept Store called Sea Bones ;)


Ming Nomchong


What is the biggest challenge so far in being a full time photographer?

Finding the balance of shooting jobs for the money, shooting jobs for the love and making sure there's enough personal time to recharge.


Ming Nomchong


Best advice you can pass onto women in your field?

Make time to shoot the projects that keep you excited and always grabbing your camera to shoot again and again. 


Ming Nomchong


What can you see happening in the future with photography?

Gosh it's so hard to say. There's a huge resurgence in analogue photography right now which I love. Although there is still a need for digital photography as the parameters and abilities you to push an image to greater heights are so much more diverse.  I really see both formats continuing to be used in personal, artistic and commercial platforms. So who knows, maybe everyone will start shooting on 8x10s again!


Ming Nomchong - Saint Helena - Sea Bones - Byron Bay

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