Travel Journal - Milos, Greece

Travel Journal - Milos, Greece

We caught up with our fav photographer Ming Nomchong after she explored the Milos in Greece shooting one of our campaign's - The Art of Vacation. Ming is an avid traveller and asked for some hot travel tips.

Travel route
Anywhere warm. I always have a pull towards the South Pacific, it's where I feel most at home when away from home.

First Thoughts
"How close are we to the ocean?"

A breezy/airy/light filled bungalow with views of the ocean/sea

Fresh local food, I'm a huge lover of street food where ever I am. You really get an immersion into the culture when you eat local.

Everything I can do in a day. I want to dive in that water, climb that mountain, surf that wave, sit under that coconut tree in a hammock listening to the sound of the sea.

Saint Helena Campaign location
Milos Greece. I'd been to a lot of Europe but never ventured to Greece, so it had been on the bucket list for a while.
Milos is one of the quieter of the Greece islands, but also one of the cutest. With small fishing villages around every cove, it's a photoshoot wonderland. The perfect location for Saint Helena's summer collection with super babe Jess Clarke.

Ming’s travel tips.
Everyone laughs at me until they try it and then they're converted... Take a sarong/long scarf with you on the plane. Wrap your head around the back of your seat s you're neck is supported and can't fall forward, and I promise you'll sleep the whole 8 hour flight...
Other tips, keep your water up while travelling. Carry biodegradable face wipes and a good moisturizer & sunscreen everywhere you go.

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