The Unspoken Word

Posted on 14 May 2017

Health... Mental Health to be specific.

A place where it can be very taboo as a mother to discuss.

This mothers day we’re looking on the other side of the beautiful pictures we see circulated on mother's day….. through some recent discussions  with some rather savvy ladies in our women circles, it came to light that the mental health of women, in particular mothers, is in a lot of cases, considerably overlooked. Not only in our daily chit chats, dinner parties or Friday drinks at the cocktail bar but often in the workplace, community and government programs. It’s only when something extreme happens that the need for extra help comes to light.

We’re by no means trained psychologists, doctors or anything even remotely close to health practitioners, but we all play a part in being active members in our community. Picking up on your friend, sister, mother, lover's mental health is almost imperative to their happiness. We literally googled ‘mothers mental health’ and the first couple of articles that came up were incredibly insightful, warm, and god damn good for the survival of our species!

For all the mothers in our community, that might be reading this blog - we’ve listed a couple of articles that won’t hurt to read (will take about 5 mins) not only for your personal benefit but for your #girlgang. These articles will offer some gentle self reflection to make sure you're looking after yourself and fighting fit.

Happy Mother's Day to all of the incredible mums out there - Mums are the centre of the universe and what makes this world a beautiful place to live.

Love them.

Some local news on support for mums and mental health - Gold Coast Bulletin:

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