The Gentle Woman

The Gentle Woman

Meet Lisa, she's a local sensation with more likes on her instagram images than most multi-million dollar brands. She's followed not for the normal haunts on instagram but for her genuine sense of wanderlust and gentle approach to life. She's not one to sit on the side line and rather walks a line of adventure at a pace that allows both gratitude and wonderment in all she does. Here's a few images and words from @lisadanielle_

lisa_danielle x Saint Helena
\Lisaudanielle_ x Saint Helena
lisaudanielle_ x Saint Helena
lisaudanielle_ x Saint Helena
lisadanielle_ x saint helena
lisa_danielle x saint helena
lisa_danielle x Saint Helena
lisa_danielle x Saint Helena
So Lis, can you tell us a little bit about you?
I grew up on the sunny Gold Coast with my big amazing family! (I’m one of 5 siblings) In my early 20’s I moved to Melbourne as I felt I needed to experience living somewhere new.. Living in the city was exciting, but it wasnt long before each weekend I would travel down the coast & all over Victoria to explore in nature as it sparked something inside of me! I found a new love for adventuring and finding new places that aren’t always on the tourist map.  After a few years and some serious wanderlust, I decided the city life and the cold weather just wasn't for me and I convinced my fiancé to move to Byron Bay! It was closer to our families, the beach and the sunshine - it was the best decision we ever made!! I love travelling, creating special gatherings with friends, spending my days in the beautiful ocean & just enjoying life☀︎ It's a pretty simple formula but it works!
What's your best instagram secret? 
Ooh I have a few!
  • ✧ Work out the style and theme you want to go with for your page and stick to this!

  • ✧ Notice what your followers engage with and enjoy so you can ensure you are posting exciting content for them!

  • ✧ Consistency! Post regularly and at times when you notice your followers are active.

  • ✧ Quality quality quality! Post clear images and I love editing my pics, my favourite apps are Snap Seed & VSCO.

  • ✧ Stay authentic and be yourself, show your passions so you enjoy the creative world that is Instagram :) 

What makes your heart beat faster?
Creating beautiful, magical moments with friends & loved ones.. Whether it be special dinners, picnics, outdoor cinemas, road trips - anything!! It took me a little while to learn, but you can create the life you dream of♥︎  I also love meeting new people! I believe everyone we meet has something to teach us and I love hearing their stores.
Favourite Beach?
Whites Beach NSW☀︎ Such a magical & secluded beach!


If you could only do one more thing in your life what would it be?

Buy a van and road trip around Europe in the Summer time with my fiancé! There are so many places we want to see & explore.


Favourite SH swimsuit and why?

My favourite Saint Helena is the Amare Frill Swimsuit! I feel so good in this suit because it’s flattering, feminine and a beautiful pastel blush print!! LOVE!♥︎♥︎♥︎ 


Style tip for Summer 2016?  Cat eyes, leather slides, bikinis & bright lips! (with a coconut margarita in hand of course) Xxx Lisa wears the Amare Frill Suit in Pink Blush and the Opimae Suit in Midnight xx

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