Recently we spent a sun drenched late afternoon with lover Shay Maclean. Hanging down at Belongil Beach in Byron Bay, we didn't stop talking and making jokes whilst capturing some pretty special moments to showcase some of our suits. I think it was the most relaxed shoot ever to have blessed the beach in Byron.

Shay is a jack of all trades - a day job, her own vintage label and a surfer for fun and and an activist for mental health. To top that, she's possibly the most naturally photogenic beach honey's we've ever worked with. Shay is leading the way in having a diverse outlook to life and putting her energy to the things she loves, highlighting her ethics, and helping the world be a better place along the way. It's the new/old philosophy we all should be embracing. 

Here's a little except from her website

CRØP VINTAGE is a rad new vintage clothing label, with 50% of our profits being donated to our amazing charity partner, to help educate kids about Mental Illness and Suicide Prevention. We're a small Australian social enterprise, with a big vision - to create a happier more mentally stable world, one nation at a time; ultimately we want to Make Universal Happiness! 

Our aim is to empower kids to see beyond the darkness, ensuring they grow into happy, confident, young adults. We strongly believe if our children are well educated on the subject of Mental Illness, they'll be able to recognise early stages of such intangible diseases, acknowledge them without feeling ashamed and most importantly, seek help before it's too late

Pretty rad huh!

You can find out more or even buy a little piece of love via or to see more of Shay herself check insta @shaymaclean.




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