Style Journal with MICHELLE BAGARRA

Style Journal with MICHELLE BAGARRA

Meet Michelle Bagarra

Dark eyes with a stare that sees for miles, Michelle had us captivated the moment she walked on set for our latest campaign Soleil. In this interview we talk with Michelle about how she found herself in front of the camera, her personal style and her take home wisdom for the year that changed everything.


Tell us about how Michelle Bagarra found herself in the realms of fashion?

I did a few small photoshoots when I was younger but only really started modelling after one of my friends tagged my mother agency Que Models on my Instagram post and I’ve been with them for almost 5 years now.

When did you realise this would be your career path?

After signing with Que models, I received my first international modelling contract in India. I went there for a 2 month stint to build my modelling portfolio and when I came back to Australia I was doing it full time. Shortly after I signed with a NYC agency where I spent 3 years going back and forth from Australia.

Describe your personal style and how has this evolved over time?

I would say my wardrobe is definitely a mixture of street and boho. I usually just pick which style I feel like wearing the day of!  My personal style has evolved a lot over time I use to be quite girly in high school but once I started travelling that’s when I got really into streetwear. I will always have a love for boho clothes especially because I live by the beach.



Biggest career moment to date?

My biggest career moment would have to be when I found out about my NYC agency. I had only been full time modelling for about 7 months so I couldn’t believe it. I was ecstatic!

How do you stay grounded and true to your values as a young woman in the fashion industry?

I stay grounded by keeping fit, healthy and connecting with close friends and family.

All time favourite piece in your wardrobe?

My Gucci sneakers and also my linen overswim!

How has 2020 reshaped you?

2020 has reshaped me in a good way. It has taught me to be more patient and more relaxed. I’m use to travelling a lot so staying home has helped me feel more relaxed but I also can’t wait for our lives to go back to normal! 

Captured by

Ming Nomchong

Hair and Makeup 

Angie Barton


Words by

Brooke Macqueen

Michelle wears, Avalon Maxi Dress, Scarborough Mini, and the Hayman V-neck Cami & Pant

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