Magic in Morocco

Posted on 22 December 2016

Lately we've been posting on instagram some incredible imagery of our dear friends and free spirits Lisa and Em from their adventures in Morocco. We decided to catch up with Lisa and gain some insight into the wonders of the landscape and culture and a few hot tips for you if you're considering making it over there! Lisa packed her bags with various Saint Helena pieces too and are featured in the photography below! #heartmelt To follow these girls go to @lisadanielle_ and @emelinaah

Country: Morocco
Location: Marrakech, Atlas Mountains and the Sahara Desert
Why did you choose this place? I had been desperate to get to Morocco for such a long time! I was drawn in by the strong culture, the textiles, the stray kittens & the colours!! *Hello Pinterest Heaven*
What was the best memory from your time there? My best memory was actually the one day that didn’t go to plan.. We were on our way to the Sahara Desert from Marrakech when we were hit by a freak hail storm in the desert!! We had to pull over on the side of the road (as we screamed our little heads off thinking this was the end!), as the rain eased we kept driving but the water was rushing down off the mountains and flooding the highway! We stopped at one part of the road that was flooded and knew it was too deep to drive through, no one at all was around and as we sat there wondering what to do, a car sped past us & tried to drive through the water!! Safe to say they got washed away, drew a crowd of hundreds and a big army truck had to pull them to safety :) We couldn’t make it to the Sahara that day, so our driver took us to a ridiculously incredible hotel in a beautiful terracotta city, that still to this day I don’t know what is called💕
What was the hardest challenge traveling to this destination? Pretty much everything is hard when you are travelling in Morocco! The language barrier, the heat, the currency, the madness on the streets, the maze like streets and the culture difference. But as long as you go prepared and with an open mind, you will have an amazing experience and meet some seriously beautiful people.
The absolute must thing to do? Hire a driver for a few days to go down to Merzouga and stay in a Luxury Camp in the Sahara Desert! We rode camels in the sand dunes with the Berber Nomads, dined & drank wine under the stars and slept in some seriously divine tents. It is a long drive, but there is so much to see on the way & so much yummy food to eat!
Any tips to pass along? Do lots of research before you go to Morocco, just so you aren’t shocked when a taxi drops you off on the outside of the Medina and you have to follow a random old man down dark alley ways to your Riad! Dress appropriately so you don’t draw too much unwanted attention & make friends with all of the beautiful Riad owners who can help you find your way around. Also take extra money to send home some seriously delicious homewares ;) Xxx
Some of the places we stayed:

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