Ama Women

Ama Women

Upon discovering these photos from Photographer Fosco Maraini – we were incredibly inspired by these incredibly beautiful women of the sea and their labour that is said to trace back almost 2000 years.

You can't help but see the camaraderie and sister-hood that shines through these images. They are the traditional free divers. They would often wear transparent loin cloth believing there is no shame in nakedness. It's the purest most wonderful form in female beauty.

 Traditionally diving for food like seaweed, shellfish and sea urchins and upon finding oysters, they found the pearls inside and could then trade them for more value. Taking from the sea to in turn give back to the sea...and so they became.

Some Japanese people believe that the majority of ama were women because of how body fat on female's is distributed differently to men - being able to resist cold water better than men. Giggle.

The Awa live in a place where people and the sea are one. 

Take a moment to watch and learn a little on these peaceful ocean people and the legacy they have left us to consider.




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